Design and function

Wireless tilting sensor for mounting on different types of roller conveyor

The wireless tilting sensor is mounted without any tools on the existing roller conveyors at the shelf with the especially designed clip system (can be moved and adapted). The wireless tilting sensor can be mounted in the clamp holder turned by 90° in order to achieve the required rolling direction. The sensors are equipped with selftesting to achieve high process reliability.

Automatic material replenishment control

For the automatic supply of assembly and work places in the production field and intralogistics there exist two application options using the wireless tilting sensor. The first variant is mounting one device per roller conveyor at the storage system for level detection or purchase requisition. The second variant of application is a three-phase traffic light circuit.

Level detection

With the level detection the wireless tilting sensor is actuated when the last container has been taken from the roller conveyor of the shelf system. At this moment the call order pulse is transmitted to the corresponding wireless receiver and the purchase requisition is generated. The appropriate supply order is processed and the shelf will be refilled.

Traffic light circuit

With the traffic light circuit three wireless tilting sensors are installed per roller conveyor. As soon as the first wireless tilting sensor is released by taking a container off the shelf the first signal is transmitted to the control room. Step 1 has been achieved. After further removal of containers the second signal is generated and signals the required refill order, step 2. With removal of further containers step 3 has been achieved and an immediate demand is announced.