sWave.NET® Sensor Bridge

  • Gateway RF RxT-NET-M with sWave.NET® wireless technology (SW868/SW915/SW922) + Sensor Bridge®

The Gateway with pre-installed sWave.NET® Sensor Bridge is easy to integrate in any shop floor environment. The sWave-NET® Sensor Bridge is the central communication interface connecting the higher-level services and systems with the lower-level wireless infrastructure. The Sensor Bridge can be used independently in all manner of systems and applications. In smaller systems, the Gateway can also, in parallel, be configured as an Access Point for sensor data. In addition, our API enables machine data and sensor data to be used for third-party solutions.


Gateway RF RxT-NET-M

  • Long radio range (700 m outdoors, approx. 50 m indoors)
  • User interface with practice-oriented, pre-installed settings
  • Web-based configuration and handling without any extra programming


Sensor Bridge sWave.NET®

  • Events: switching event, wake-up notification
  • Warnings / alarms: battery charge low, RSSI low, no wake-up, slave gateway(s) offline
  • Log data: status changes, wake-up notifications, system notifications
  • Configuration of customer APIs: addressing, mapping, data format
  • Supported protocols: REST (XML / json), http(s) Notifications, MODBUS TCP/IP
  • Terminal attributes: switching status, battery status, RSSI, customer parameters, wireless ID, group affiliation
  • Group attributes: alarm threshold values (battery, RSSI, time expectation), bounce suppression and notification intervals, device-specific settings, target switching statuses

Technical data

MountingScrew connection or magnet holder
ConnectionPlug-in power supply with respective plug connectors
Network interface10/100 Base-T Ethernet via RJ 45, Cat 5e (S/UTP or F/UTP) or SF/UTP or WLAN (802.11 b/g/n)
Software interfaceHTTP/XML (see protocol definition)
Degree of protectionIP 20 to IEC/EN 60529
Rated operating current Iemax. 0.1 A
Rated operating voltage Ue24 VDC -15 % … +10 %
Frequency868.3 MHz (EU, Switzerland) or 915 MHz (USA, Canada and Mexico) or 916.5 MHz (Japan)
DisplayMode LED: operating state
RF LED: signalisation of telegram
Degree of pollution2 to DIN VDE 0110
Ambient temperature0 °C … +55 °C
Storage and shipping temperature–25 °C … +85 °C
External antennaalways required for optimum wireless range

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