Wireless Andon push-button sWave.NET®

Wireless Andon and material requisition push-button for continual flow of materials

The mobile Andon and material requisition push-button streamlines the flow of materials in intralogistics. At the push of a button, order information can be sent via wireless data transmission to the internal logistics control centre. The laborious manual collection and administration of KANBAN cards becomes a thing of the past. With Andon push-buttons you can optimise processes throughout your assembly, packaging and dispatch areas. The device is easy to integrate in running processes as a simple retrofit of all FIFO shelves or work-stations, increasing process stability and production transparency. High costs for power and network cables can be almost completely eliminated. The sWave.NET® wireless technology facilitates high overall transmission times and several years of maintenance-free operation.

  • sWave.NET® wireless technology (SW868/SW915/SW917/SW922)
Wireless Andon push-button sWave.NET<sup>®</sup> RF MAKD 3F-NET