steute: a brief portrait

Today steute is a globally renowned specialist for the development and production of safe and reliable switchgear for complex and critical applications. The steute product portfolio comprises a wide range of serial products, as well as numerous customised solutions, and is divided into four business fields, each with its own core area of competence: 
WirelessAutomationExtreme and Meditec.


For users of wireless technologies steute provides a comprehensive switchgear range employing different wireless standards which are able to guarantee extremely reliable transmission even in unfavourable conditions. Many of the switches are self-sufficient, functioning according to the “energy harvesting” principle, i.e. they require neither an external energy supply nor batteries. This steute technology has also been modified and certified for use in Ex-zones.


For the automation industry steute provides a wide range of very durable switching devices using tried-and-tested electromechanical technology, as well as various no-contact detection techniques. Standard product series are complemented by customised switchgear developed especially for defined fields of application or unusual situations.


The switching devices included in the business field “Extreme” are extremely vibration-proof, heat-resistant, anti-corrosive, hygienic and/or impact-resistant. Our Ex range is a cornerstone of this business field, certified in accordance with international explosion protection requirements and used all over the world, for example in chemicals plants and oil refineries. Switchgear production is certified in accordance with the ATEX guideline 2014/34/EU, while the devices themselves meet international Ex-protection regulations such as UL/CSA, EAC, IECEx, Ex Nepsi and Inmetro.


For around thirty years steute has been developing and manufacturing high-quality switchgear for all types of medical equipment – used for example in high-frequency surgery, ophthalmology (phacoemulsification), dentistry and diagnostic imaging techniques like CT and MRT. Some of the switching systems perform very complex functions; wireless standards developed especially for medical equipment take care of signal transmission. The business field “Meditec” works in accordance with the quality control system EN ISO 13485 and manufactures certified medical products.

Close customer collaboration

All four steute business fields endeavour to work closely with the switchgear users and to take customer wishes into account from the development stage onwards. This has led to the emergence of many “specialists” within our switchgear range – for example vibration-proof sensors for use with marine technology, solenoid interlocks for Ex-zones, extremely compact wireless position switches, anti-corrosive sensors in protection class IP 69K, or control systems for medical equipment in which the individual actuators take on different functions depending on the operating mode selected.

Quick to react and at your service all over the world

As a medium-sized family-run company, steute is able to react quickly and flexibly to market trends and customer wishes. Qualified specialists provide consultation and service in all industrial and emerging nations.

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