steute: a chronology

1961 Founding of STEUTE-Schaltgerätebau Rose & Sölken KG by Friedhelm Rose and Gerhard Sölken in Bad Oeynhausen on 01.04.1961. The name “steute“ is taken from the German word Steuerungstechnik (control technology). The first production hall is in an old cigar factory.
1964 Move to an old furniture factory. Radical expansion of terminal switch range, also to include “robust” switches. Development of first customised device.
1967 First series of empty enclosures for cable connections. Invention of block construction with mounting ducts outside the enclosure.
1969 Turnover doubles in the space of just one year, easily surpassing DM 1 million.
1970 Company splits: Gerhard Sölken concentrates on special switchgear (e.g. pull wire switches and foot controls) in a firm called STEUTE Schaltgerätebau G. Sölken KG, while Friedhelm Rose founds a firm called ROSE Elektrotechnik for the production of terminal housings and empty enclosures.
1976 A subsidiary firm steutronic is founded to cover the growing need for electronic solutions.
1981 Development of first foot control combination for medical equipment.
Schalter C 50
1985 steute builds new premises with floor space measuring 1,600 m².
1987 So-called “Ex switches” for use in explosive environments go into serial production.
1988 Turnover reaches DM 10 million. First expansion of company building. The production hall is increased by an additional 1000 m².
1992 Completion of a second extension measuring 900 m². Integration of subsidiary firm steutronic within steute.
1995 The Schmersal Group (Wuppertal) takes over steute Schaltgeräte GmbH & Co. KG with effect from 1st January 1995. The steute product range complements the Schmersal industrial switchgear portfolio perfectly.
1997 An independent business field within steute is dedicated to medical equipment.
1998 Klaus Obstfeld becomes Managing Director of steute.
2001 Constant growth means a need for more space. The building is extended to twice its size, now measuring 7,000 m². Marketing of first wireless switching device for medical equipment. steute Meditec Inc. is founded in the USA as first branch of steute abroad.
2003 steute leaves the Schmersal Group. Entrepreneur Stefan Schmersal heads steute as sole Managing Partner.
2004 Self-sufficient wireless switches for industrial use give steute a new innovative boost.
2005 Founding of steute do Brasil Ltd – the first steute sales and production company abroad.
2006 Turnover reaches € 20 million. Founding of first steute sales points in Europe to achieve closer proximity to customers: steute Italia, steute France, steute Polska, steute UK.
2008 Klaus Obstfeld retires. Marc Stanesby becomes new Managing Director.
2009 Founding of steute Online Shop to provide small and replacement parts quickly and easily.
steute World
2010 Reformation of steute business fields: Wireless, Automation, Extreme and Meditec. Foundation of Nihon steute as sales company for Japan.
2011 Turnover reaches € 30 million as steute celebrates its 50th anniversary with all its employees and business contacts. Foundation of WFOE steute electrical components (Shanghai) as a sales and production company for the Asian market.
2012 Building of an additional steute production building and warehouse measuring 3,000 m². steute gains a new development centre measuring approx. 1000 m².
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