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A standard for intuitive operation

The steute Schaltgeräte company has developed a new foot control particularly suited to niche medical applications. Guido Becker, Product Manager Meditec at steute Schaltgeräte GmbH & Co. KG, explained the features of these newly developed interfaces to our editorial team.

Source: MEDengineering (07/2017)
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Foot control for function selection, voice control for device selection

Controls for medical equipment: at the Medica, steute Meditec will be presenting a demonstrator for the interoperable OR. The fair will also witness the premiere of a new, modular foot control system.

Source: medizin&technik (06/2017)
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User interfaces for an integrated OR

A practice-oriented approach has been taken to this topic by the steute business unit Meditec and CITEC (University of Bielefeld) in a project of the “it´s OWL” excellence cluster.

Source: MED-Engineering (05/2017)
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Controls: the benefits of wireless communication

The vast majority of user interfaces developed by steute business unit Meditec, in collaboration with manufacturers of medical devices, communicate with the corresponding medical equipment by remote control. Specifically for this task, steute Meditec developed a wireless standard fulfilling all the requirements for medical equipment. Wireless communication is about to become even more significant, namely in the hybrid and interoperable OR of the near future.

Source: meditronic-journal (02/2017)
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What is next in line for the integrated operating room?

At the beginning of this year, a non-profit association based on the results of the BMBF project OR.NET was founded. Marc Stanesby, Managing Director of steute Schaltgeräte and Chairman of this association, Industrie des Vereins OR.NET e.V., reports the latest developments.

Source: DeviceMed (11/2016)
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