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Wireless also possible in Ex zones

When switching devices no longer require power cables and can radio their signals out of their environment, the advantages can be considerable depending on the application in question. Wireless switches are beneficial wherever access in the plant following installation is restricted. The benefits of wireless switchgear technology are now increasingly appreciated in Ex zones as well. steute has a wide range of certified Wireless Ex switches for such applications.

Source: KEM (04/2016)
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Heavy duty in desert dust

In the quarries of the Arabian caliphate Raps Al Chaim, temperatures are extreme and it only rains on 14.3 days a year. Any safety switchgear used here must be robust by design.

Source: P&A (03/2016)
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Ex zones without cables

How do switches and sensors get their power and signals? In addition to the tried-and-tested cabled connections, process engineers are increasingly using cable-free, radio-controlled systems. Adaptation of this technology to the requirements of explosion protection has been a challenge for developers, but one which can now be considered met.

Source: CAV (03/2016)
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New ATEX directive and „Wireless Ex“

Dust explosion protection will be a concern of many visitors to this year's Powtech. And rightly so, since this topic is currently very much in focus. One definite point of discussion will be the changeover from ATEX directive 94/9/EG, which has been in existence for 20 years, to the „New Legislative Framework“ (NLF), valid throughout the EU. .

Source: Chemie & More (02/2016)
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