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Highest levels of safety even in niche applications / Safety switchgear for extreme environments

Explosion protection, functional safety and adverse environments such as damp, cold or corrosive elements: some applications require truly specialist switchgear – such as those to be found in the steute Extreme range.

Source: GIT-Sicherheit (09/2017)
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The Ex switch which came in from the cold - Switchgear and sensors for subzero applications

Canada, Kamchatka, Barents Sea: exploration and extraction of oil and gas as raw energy sources are increasingly taking place in regions which are freezing cold. Electrotechnical components also have to cope with minus degrees in other areas of process engineering. Switchgear and sensors are now available for just such applications, suitable for explosive environments and temperatures down to -60°C.

Quelle: P&A (07+08/2017)
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Where there is one extreme condition, the next is not far away - Ex position switches and Ex magnetic sensors down to -60°C

Subzero temperatures, humidity, explosive atmospheres: in process engineering the conditions for switchgear applications can often rightly be described as extreme. The steute Extreme business unit has developed special ranges for just such conditions. They include standard position switches and magnetic sensors for explosive environments in temperatures down to -60°C.

Source: SPS-Magazin Process Automation 2017
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Open or closed? Switchgear for monitoring valve positions

Manufacturers of valves in search of suitable switchgear for position monitoring have a choice to make. Different electromechanical switches are available, as well as different sensors. Some series are suitable for explosive environments or sub-zero temperatures, while more recent options include “Wireless” switchgear.

Source: Verfahrenstechnik (4/2017)
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Mooring: advanced course

The anchoring of larger ships is often managed not with bollards, but with electromechanical mooring systems. The switchgear used to control these systems must be able to withstand extreme ambient conditions.

Source: A&D (09/2016)
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