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Safety foot switches - remote control enabling

Press brakes and other forming machines are often operated using a safety foot switch. For such applications special switching inserts exist. Ergonomic comfort and operational safety can be improved by using remote control enabling foot switches with safety-related wireless technology.

Source: A&D (7+8/2018)
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Uninterrupted communication - Network-compatible sensors for intralogistics

E-Kanban, AGV fleets and paper-free consignments: these are all typical applica-tions for wireless switches and sensors. In intralogistics applications, such switches and sensors are often integrated in flexibly configurable wireless net-works. A "sensor bridge" facilitates simple connection to the superordinate IT infrastructure, permitting uninterrupted communication paths from the shop floor to the material flow management or ERP system.

Source: Hebezeuge Fördermittel (06/2018)
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Correct positioning of all valves

Electromechanically or with sensors, by remote control or using cables, in subzero temperatures, in gas Ex zones or in sterile areas – valve positions can be monitored in many different ways and in many different environments.

Source: P&A (05/2018)
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Wireless is nothing to be afraid of

Wireless switching devices represent an alternative to cabled devices. Which applications are they suited to and what should engineers remember when using them? Andreas Schenk, Product Manager Wireless at steute Schaltgeräte GmbH & Co KG provides the answers.

Source: konstruktions praxis (04/2018)
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Wireless switching devices optimise press brakes

Wireless switching devices mean a high degree of flexibility. One example of this is in the press brakes made by Bystronic, where mechanical engineers employ remote control technology from the steute Wireless range, e.g. for communication between a press brake and a "mobile bending cell" automation unit.

Source: etz (04/2018)
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