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Wireless communication in the warehouse

No more tangled cables: the future is wireless! Thanks to the sWave.NET network, connecting warehouse switchgear and command devices to the company IT is now easy. This network can be integrated directly in the user IT platforms. First practical applications already exist, as demonstrated by SSI Schäfer and its fleet of automated guided vehicles (AGV).

Source: dispo (09/2017)
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Foot contact welcome - Wireless foot controls for ergonomic and safe machine operation

In casting and forming plants, a foot control is an important element of the human-machine interface – also and especially regarding the triggering of safety-related functions. Now wireless safety foot controls are available for this task, providing users with improved ergonomic comfort and greater freedom of movement.

Source: md-Automation (09/2017)
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User interfaces for an integrated OR

A practice-oriented approach has been taken to this topic by the steute business unit Meditec and CITEC (University of Bielefeld) in a project of the “it´s OWL” excellence cluster.

Source: MED-Engineering (05/2017)
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The Ex switch which came in from the cold - Switchgear and sensors for subzero applications

Canada, Kamchatka, Barents Sea: exploration and extraction of oil and gas as raw energy sources are increasingly taking place in regions which are freezing cold. Electrotechnical components also have to cope with minus degrees in other areas of process engineering. Switchgear and sensors are now available for just such applications, suitable for explosive environments and temperatures down to -60°C.

Quelle: P&A (07+08/2017)
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Controls: the benefits of wireless communication

The vast majority of user interfaces developed by steute business unit Meditec, in collaboration with manufacturers of medical devices, communicate with the corresponding medical equipment by remote control. Specifically for this task, steute Meditec developed a wireless standard fulfilling all the requirements for medical equipment. Wireless communication is about to become even more significant, namely in the hybrid and interoperable OR of the near future.

Source: meditronic-journal (02/2017)
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