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Wireless switching devices optimise press brakes

Wireless switching devices mean a high degree of flexibility. One example of this is in the press brakes made by Bystronic, where mechanical engineers employ remote control technology from the steute Wireless range, e.g. for communication between a press brake and a "mobile bending cell" automation unit.

Source: etz (04/2018)
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Integrated wireless switches and sensors

Now that wireless switching devices have become well established in industry, the next development step is already upon us: wireless networks are facilitating the integration of multiple remote control switches and sensors in superordinate IT systems. The main application field is currently intralogistics.

Source: Elektrotechnik (04/2018)
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From switchgear to integrated solutions

Since 1961, the Löhne switches and sensors provider has been operating under the name of steute Schaltgeräte GmbH & Co. KG. Digital transformation has resulted in its products becoming more intelligent, the performance of its wireless system more efficient, and its integration options more comprehensive. This in turn has led to a much broader range of products and services, including systemic solutions. To reflect this development, the company has decided, with effect from this Autumn, to change its name to: steute Technologies GmbH & Co. KG.

Source: open automation (1-2/2018)
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New freedoms

A short overview of wireless switchgear applications in the process industry shows: the reasons for using wireless switchgear vary tremendously. Users can choose between different wireless switch types and different wireless technologies.

Source: Verfahrenstechnik (04/2018)
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(Wireless) safety foot switches for metal forming

Remote control switches can be used in many ways in machines for metal forming, as demonstrated by three different examples. Wireless technology increases ergonomic comfort when operating press brakes and swing-folding machines, and it also plays a role in some new and unusual automation concepts.

Source: SPS-Magazin (04/2018)
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