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Extreme tests at the North Sea

Exposing devices to extreme temperatures, saltwater, fouling, permanent vibrations, explosive atmospheres: tests in real-life conditions can be very telling. This is why steute opted to conduct a 1-year corrosion test at and in the North Sea for several of its switchgear series.

Source: elektrotechnik (03/2019)
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"For us it is all about the Extreme". Switches face hard times on the island of Helgoland

Cold, heat, UV rays, saltwater: on the island of Helgoland in the North Sea, the conditions are tough. For one year, steute tested its switchgear products there. In conversation with P&A, steute representatives Rainer Lumme, Product Manager Extreme, and Carsten Both, Head of Industrial Development, explain how this came about, what results the tests produced, and why such tests are becoming increasingly important.

Source: P&A Extra (01/2019)
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Position monitoring in Extreme environments - Position switches for applications in very high and very low temperatures

The loading systems made by Emco Wheaton are used all over the world for handling large quantities of petrol, natural gas, liquefied gas or chemicals. To monitor the position of the loading arms, the company from Kirchhain near Marburg uses Ex position switches from the steute Extreme range, which remain reliable even in subzero temperatures.

Source: cav (02/2019)
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Wireless wake-up call - AGV applications in state-of-the-art car manufacturing

New production concepts aim to facilitate flexible and highly automated production in 'batch size 1'. Such concepts centre around the use of automated guided vehicles (AGV) and are already being tested in the automotive industry, for example at Porsche plants. They demand flexible communication at shop floor level – in wireless networks.

Source: SPS-Magazin (03/2019)
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Remote-controlled eKanban - Application example of a wireless network for intralogistics

One way of achieving more flexibility when replenishing materials in the factory is mobile eKanban racks: a typical application for network-compatible wireless switching devices and sensors. Eliminating cables is also beneficial for non-mobile eKanban systems, however.

Source: Technische Logistik (1-2/2019)
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