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From the assembly point to the Internet of Things: Kanban process digitalised by open sensor network

Material flow with transparency and advance planning: this is the goal of every factory and assembly plant today. Its implementation in practice requires an uninterrupted flow of information. And because the assemblies and sub-assemblies are all moving around, this in turn is impossible using only cabled communication. The steute business unit "Wireless" has therefore developed "nexy", a wireless network solution which transmits data from sensors to the Internet of Things (IoT) or other superordinate IT systems.

At the Motek, steute will be presenting an application example incorporating an automated material handling (AMH) system for SLC (small load carriers) in the factory. The system automatically recognises the presence or absence of SLC. As soon as the pre-determined minimum quantity is reached, a request for replenishment is automatically triggered. The occupancy status can be visualised and viewed on all web-based terminals.

If a container or carrier is removed from a rack, a wireless tilting sensor developed especially for such applications sends a signal to e.g. the ERP or warehouse management system. The tilting sensor can be placed anywhere along a rack shelf, depending on the minimum quantity to be monitored. The current occupancy status is thus transparent and accurate at all times.

The "nexy" software can be adapted to individual requirements very easily. Users can, for example, opt for a single sensor installation per rack shelf or for a staggered Kanban system. In this way, "nexy" integrates, automates and digitalises the Kanban process. A state-of-the-art dashboard guarantees clear visualisation of all eKanban slots at all times.

The steute business unit “Wireless” provides a wide range of integrable wireless sensors. The choice is made even larger, however, by the fact that "nexy" is an open system. This means: if the application in question demands the integration of sensor types not available from steute, these sensors can be fitted with an sWave.NET® module to make them fully compatible with the network. This considerably increases the ways in which the wireless network can be used and expanded.

In addition to the integration of eKanban racks being shown at the Motek, other typical "nexy" applications include solutions for automated guided vehicle (AGV) fleets. Here, too, users profit from uninterrupted information flow – from the sensors via Access Points and a Sensor Bridge to the customer IT infrastructure.

steute at the Motek, hall 7, booth 7217


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