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Faster delivery of standard switchgear / New product and warehouse structure

The larger the product diversity, the more difficult it is to guarantee instant availability of all variants. We want to deliver to our customers fast, and at the same time fulfil very particular requirements regarding customised switchgear, which is why we have restructured our product range in the areas Automation, Extreme and Wireless.

Each product is now assigned to one of three categories: stock type, variant or custom solution. From the customer's point of view this means: for the fastest delivery times, order a stock type. These products are kept in our warehouse and manufactured immediately if stocks get low – even without orders on hand.

Our new product and warehouse structure creates transparency and shortens the wait from order to delivery. At the same time we have made our Online catalogue easier to use – for example with intuitive and interactive navigation. Take a look!

faster delivery of standard switchgear / new product and warehouse structure .pdf
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