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steute at the LogiMAT 2019: "Plug and play" solution for wireless E-Kanban management

At the LogiMAT 2019, the steute business unit "Wireless" will be presenting for the first time an automated systems solutions for the optimisation of material replenishment processes. This new development digitalises, integrates and automates the Kanban process. Wireless sensors automatically register the current materials requirement and then immediately transfer this information to the materials management system, where it is then automatically entered in the ERP. A dashboard with state-of-the-art design provides a clear visualisation of the status of all E-Kanban stations at all times.

The system components communicate via a low-power wireless network equipped with the latest wireless technology. This new software solution is thus perfectly suited to the flexible connection of components, especially moving parts, and intralogistics systems to the world of industrial data. Besides Kanban racks, typical applications include e.g. AGV fleets. Users profit from an uninterrupted flow of information – from the sensor via Access Points and the Sensor Bridge as a service manager – to the IT infrastructure.

The software can be adapted to suit individual requirements very easily. Users can, for example, configure whether one sensor should be installed per rack, or whether the Kanban system should be multistage. Switching devices and sensors developed especially for this purpose, e.g. a wireless rocker to detect the occupancy of rack slots, are also included in the steute "Wireless" range.

Users thus have at their disposal a complete solution for the management of E-Kanban systems which can be configured without any extra programming and which thus requires only a short set-up time. Once it is installed, users profit long-term from the advantages of the wireless system: no signal cables, uninterrupted communication, robust data transfer, simple adaptation to changing conditions (e.g. integration of further Kanban racks and sensors).

Soon steute will present further software modules for defined applications. The aim is to provide customers with overall intralogistics solutions integrating machines and subsystems in their superordinate IT infrastructure. Our company is thus developing from a components manufacturer to a service provider able to advise customers in the planning of wireless networks for production and logistics.

At the LogiMAT 2019, steute will be visualising sWave.NET® material flow applications using a 3D model which includes moving AGV. The functions of the new software will also be demonstrated in a mock environment.

steute at the LogiMAT 2019, Hall 5, Booth D45


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