Products with integrated interfaces

A trend in these application fields of medical technology is the desire for simple, standardised interfaces

Foot switches with USB interface

In nearly all factories, laboratories and hospitals foot switches ensure that machines and devices can be operated reliably, even when users literally have their hands full. Originally these controls used to trigger simple switching procedures; nowadays users expect far more and the options have become far more sophisticated. For example, steute now develops and produces foot switches with integrated tilting switches and joypads which can be used to control far more complex procedures.

A further trend in this field of control technology is a desire for simple, standardised interfaces. For this requirement steute has already developed foot switches which can communicate with various devices totally without wires. Now another flexible connection option has been realised: foot switches can be equipped with a USB interface transmitting signals to conventional PCs. Up to eight digital and three analogue inputs can be read.


Problem-free integration

The interface can be integrated within nearly all the foot switches in the steute range - even those with several switching systems for different operations. If desired, steute can also extend the function of the USB board to incorporate additional customer-tailored functions. Further interfaces can be realised on request, e.g. RS 232, RS 485 and CAN-BUS.

The USB connection is advantageous when, for example, transmitted information needs to be visualised. The positioning of a pedal or a joypad can be displayed on a PC screen, for example, or the operating status of various actuators can be shown on overriding visualisation systems.

In this way transparency is increased and operators and staff are informed about activated device functions. This helps to avoid incorrect functioning and/or activation - an important factor for user safety. The USB interface has the added advantage of being a standardised feature within every state-of-the-art PC.

Available Interfaces

  • USB
  • RS 232
  • RS 485
  • . . .