Foot switches for the dental sector

The IEC 60601-1 describes the general safety requirements for foot controls for dental applications. The special features of foot controls for these applications: use of multi-function elements, »joypad« for adjustment of the chair position; revolution control via lever or foot pedal; protective/carrying handle with emergency-stop function; protection class up to IP X8 for operating applications (class AP); actuating elements in different variations. The main functions of chair and instruments can be controlled via multifunction foot controls from steute.

  • Actuators/joypad: OR-approved silicon
  • Aluminium alloy housing
  • Available with protective bracket, LEDs and additional push-buttons
Foot switches for the dental sector MFS-MED GP71
  • Pedal: thermoplastic
  • Console: thermoplastic
  • Additional push-buttons and LEDs as option
  • Available with collapsible protective bracket
Foot switches for the dental sector MKF-MED GP17