Push-button switches and hand controls

The steute range of human-machine interfaces includes both cabled and wireless push-button switches for different industrial applications. A further focus is on portable wireless hand controls with freely configurable buttons.

Hand controls

Wireless hand controls

Using the compact hand controls from steute, users can actuate four function buttons wthout the need for cables. Different sWave® wireless technologies are optionally available, as well as a network-compatible version for sWave.NET®. The range also includes wireless Andon buttons with an integrated display for use in eKanban systems and other applications.

Push-button switches

Push-button switches for automation

Push-button switches from steute are used in control cabinets, control panels, two-hand control consoles and in lift constructions. Versions are available as push button, turning, key and standard emergency-stop switches (EN 13850). The standard dimensions of the devices (installation diameter 22.5 mm; spacing 30 mm) facilitate universal use.

Wireless push-button switches

Simple mounting without any electrical installation: this is the benefit of wireless push-button switches which communicate with their corresponding machines by remote control. They do not require any batteries because the energy supply is self-sufficient, provided by a miniaturised electrodynamic energy generator.

Depending on the series, different wireless protocols are used. The devices can be integrated in the surrounding construction or inside housings – also part of the product range - which are fit for industrial use and big enough for up to three push-button switches.

Push-button switches for extreme applications

For adverse ambient conditions and explosive zones, robust push-button switches have been especially developed by steute. In addition to cabled products, wireless remote control push-button switches are also available, which communicate via the sWave® wireless technology. This protocol has been certified for use in Ex zones.