Range of application

The safety sensors are suitable for monitoring the position of sliding, hinged and removable protective doors. They can only be used for safety duties to DIN VDE 0660-209 in combination with a safety guard monitor for protection up to safety level PL "e" per EN ISO 13849-1 or up to SILCL 3 per EN 62061.

The use of safety sensors is of particular advantage in cases where extremely dirty conditions can occur or high hygienic standards need to be maintained. This is provided by the simplicity of cleaning the units. A further advantage is the facility for concealed mounting behind non-magnetic materials.

Working surfaces and storage areas can be arranged without the need for dust-collecting edges or other functionally required cutouts or projections. The safety sensors can also be applied in cases where a precise approach is not possible and greater tolerances are required.

Design and operating principle

These devices comprise a multi-channel safety sensor and an actuating magnet. The safety sensors are actuated by a coded actuator without any mechanical contact. The devices can be selected with one NC and one NO contact or with two NC contacts. The safety sensor BZ 16 has a wiring compartment.All other described safety sensors are supplied with a pre-wired cable.

The safety sensors are protected to degree of protection IP 69.

The mounting site of saftey sensors must be free of magnetic fields.

All safety sensors shown in this chapter bear the CE mark according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

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