Range of application

Magnetic sensors are preferable where extreme dirt occurs or strict hygienic requirements must be met. This is because they are easy to clean. The high degree of protection allows for outside applications.

Even in the presence of agressive materials, e.g. in galvanisation technology, safe switching is ensured through encapsulation of the contacts. A further advantage is the possibility of concealed mounting behind non-magnetic materials. Workplace surfaces can be designed without dirt-catching edges, functional spacings or covers.

Magnetic sensors are also suitable for applications where a precise approach of the magnet to the sensor is not possible and highly fluctuating actuating distances occur.

Design and mode of operation

The magnetic sensors are actuated by an M series permanent magnet without any mechanical contact. The devices can be selected with NO, change-over or bistable contacts. All magnetic sensors described in this chapter are supplied with pre-wired cable.

The mounting site for magnetic sensors must be free of magnetic fields.

The magnetic sensors described in this chapter bear the CE mark according to the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU.

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