Range of application

These safety switches are suitable for hinged safety guards, which need to be closed in order to guarantee the necessary operational safety.

The variety of requirements to be found in practice can be met by means of the wide range of safety switches for hinged guard doors.

Depending on the particular version of the switch, small doors and service flaps, as well as heavy hinged doors on machinery and plants, can be protected in such a way as to provide for easy setting up and maintenance.

Design and operating principle

A general advantage of the safety switches shown here is the integral cam within the safety switch. The requirements of EN ISO 14119, such as positive linkage between cam and actuator, as well as protection against tampering, are thus fulfilled.

This combination within the switch provides cost advantage for the user in avoiding the necessity of mounting a specially designed cam. These safety switches are provided with slow action.

All safety switches for hinged guard doors shown in this chapter bear the CE mark according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

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ES 13 SB on hinged safety guard