HS Si 4 1Ö/1S - 10m

Safety sensors
Material number: 1215789
  • Thermoplastic enclosure
  • Long life
  • High shock resistance
  • Hall sensor 1 NC/1 NO contact
  • Galvanically separated channels
  • Switching distance up to 7 mm
  • With pre-wired cable, cable length 10 m
  • The actuator is not included in the delivery of the switches

Technical data

Applied standardsEN 60947-5-2, EN 60947-5-3;
EN ISO 13849-1; EN ISO 14119; EN 62061
Enclosureglass-fibre reinforced, shock-proof thermoplastic, self-extinguishing UL 94 V-0
Sensor typetype 4 interlocking device
Coding levellow coding
Degree of protectionIP 67 to IEC/EN 60529
Switching systemHall sensor, 2 galvanically separated channels, semiconductor
1 NC/1 NO contact
Connectioncable 6 x AWG 26
Cable length10 m
Safety-relevant data:
EN ISO 13849-1Performance Level PL e
MTTFd> 100 years
DC/DCavg> 99 %
EN 62061SIL CL 3
PFHd≥ 2.47 x 10-8 1/h
TMmax. 20 years
Rated operating voltage Ue24 VDC
Rated operating voltage range UB10 … 30 VDC
Rated operating current Iemax. 40 mA per channel
Utilisation categoryDC-12
No-load supply current I0max. 6 mA per channel
Voltage drop at Iemax. 2.5 V
Switch-on/switch-off time< 1 ms
Attendance delay tv< 100 ms
Max. fuse rating< 50 mA internal reversible fuse
Switching frequencymax. 100 Hz
Safety classII
Degree of pollution3
Ambient temperature–20 °C … +70 °C
Storage and shipping temperature–40 °C … +70 °C
Switching distancessn 7 mm, sao 6 mm, sar 20 mm
Repeatability≤ 5 %
NoteThe safety-related data are only valid in combination with a safety module.
Weight314 g

Contact diagram

Axial misalignment


Type   Material no.  
Type    Material no.   
Actuating magnet coded MC 4 stock type Standard versions, in stock or available at short notice 1181771