TGM-300-W GR 2Ö S

Multi-function handle
Material number: 1309980
  • Aluminium handle, silver matt anodised
  • Long life
  • Emergency-stop push-button per EN 60947-5-5: 2-channel
  • 1st push button: Enabling push button: single break change-over contact
  • Green and red LED
  • 2nd push button: Start button: 1 NO contact
  • With plug-in connector M12 x 1, 12-pole
  • Collars (blue, red, green) are included in delivery

Technical data

Applied standards EN 60947-5-1, EN 60947-5-5
Enclosure aluminium, anodised, silver matt
Degree of protection IP 67 to IEC/EN 60529
Connection Plug-in-connector M12 x 1, 12-poles
Rated operating current/voltage Ie/Ue 0.5 A/24 VDC
LEDs: 10 mA/24 VDC
Rated operating isolation voltage Ui 30 VDC
Degree of pollution 3
Mechanical life > 1 million operations
Ambient temperature –25 °C … +55 °C

Contact diagram emergency-stop push-button

Contact diagram LEDs

Contact diagram enabling push-button

Contact diagram start push-button

Plug-in connector

Plug-in configuration (view from plug side)
Plug-in connector M12 x 1, 12-pole