Range of application

Belt-alignment switches are suitable for applications with handling equipment. Here they are installed e.g. at both sides of a conveyor belt in order to monitor the misalignment of the belt.

Belt misalignment, evoked by for example not in the middle of conveyor belt positioned goods or pollution of track idlers and deflection pulleys, can lead without any monitoring measurements to damage, destruction, material covering and dropping.

Design and mode of operation

Belt-alignment switches are actuated when the conveyor belt becomes misaligned. Depending on the plant arrangements, this signal can either be used to switch the equipment off or to provide automatic correction of the belt alignment. Thus they should be installed at both sides of the conveyor belt close to the deflection and drive pulleys. In case of very long conveyor systems further belt-alignment switches must be installed. Those are actuated with the misalignment of the conveyor belt. This signal can either switch the system off or start an automatic belt position correction, as well as at the same time generate an optical or acoustic indicating or warning signal.

All belt-alignment switches have positive break NC contacts and those of series ZS also have a mechanical latching. At actuation the NC contacts are opened and latched mechanically. The release can either be carried by push button or key. Thus an unintentional, automatic restart of the conveyor belt is prevented.

All belt-alignment switches bear the CE mark according to the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU.

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