Angled actuator AZ 335/355-B5-Flex

Accessories for Ex 355 AZ
Material number: 1182126
(Material number old: 01.08.0264)
  • Especially suitable for sliding and hinged guards
  • Compensates play of ± 5 mm in two axes
  • Actuating radius on hinged guards a = 100 mm and b = 100 mm
  • Axial misalignment x = 30.3 mm
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Actuating radii

- The axis of the hinge should be x mm above the top edge
   of the safety switch and in the same plane.

- a Actuating radius to the plane of the actuator

- b Actuating radius in line with the plane of the actuator

- x Axial misalignment

Attention! x must be referred to the surface of the enclosure and not to the inserted actuator!